Well-being Centre : Well-being Centre

Camping à Noimoutier avec hammam

Well-being Centre: Take the opportunity to recharge your batteries with a wide range of massages, body treatments, beauty treatments…. Provided by our two qualified beauticians (Morgane and Sabrina) or have your hair done by our hairdresser (Mireille). (A supplementary charge is payable and by appointment only)

We are at your service by appointment by contacting us by phone on:

  • Sabrina on from Monday to Wednesday
  • Morgane on from Thursday to Saturday
  • Mireille on from Monday to Saturday

Come and enjoy our well-being centre – a journey to relaxation. An area dedicated to health and relaxation throughout your stay.

Body exfoliaton scrub treatment with La Fleur de Sel de Noirmoutier

A body scrub treatment with sea salt rich in minerals, oils and vegetable oils for a new, enriched skin in just 30 minutes. An exhilarating treatment from which you will emerge rested, relaxed and full of renewed energy.

The Massages

To rid yourself of stress, to relax, recharge your batteries, or to even soothe your mind….The specific art of massage will bring you a true feeling of relaxation….The massages are stroking and gentle stretching by means of gentle manoeuvres. Awaken your senses through the range of perfumed almond oils massage oils (alcohol free) of your choice. Let yourself be lulled by the perfumed oil of the Orient, verbena oil or even sandalwood oil….??

Facial treatment with Argan oil

A treatment of pure Moroccan tradition with natural anti-ageing and hydrating ingredients, helping to maintain the integrity of the skin layers and kind to even the most sensitive skin. A complete treatment with an Argan oil, honey and rassoul base…….It has a hydrating, nourishing and repairing effect as the Argan and honey act together to hydrate the skin and supply it with the nutriments it needs.

Les “Essentiels” treatment

Hydrates, purifies and tones up the skin for a clear and healthy look. 60 minutes of the most gentle cleaning whilst respecting your skin’s needs

Alum stone body exfoliation scrub

Firming and anti-transparent, it makes the skin more supple, finer and softer. (The natural alum stone is a potassium salt extracted from mines).

Back treatment

By exfoliation the skin’s texture is refined and ready to receive the massage oil. Back tension will thus be eased thanks to the relaxation procedures.

Leg treatment

Ideal for relief from “heavy leg” effect thanks to circulatory massage techniques which enhance the blood circulation with products such as camphor and menthol for a refreshing, stimulating and soothing effect.

A choice of Specific Treatments

  • Doux plaisir“,
  • Purs plaisirs“,
  • Plaisir éclatant de jeunesse“,
  • Plaisir d’Essences aromatiques

75 minutes of personalised care matched to your skin’s needs. This treatment, made up of a basic, essential treatment and complemented with active ingredients and a massage for maximum effectiveness.

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