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Réserve ornithologique Noirmoutier

Come and discover the Pays de la Loire region

Noirmoutier is an island at sea level, split between the blue of its marshlands, the greenery of its woodlands and its golden dunes and beaches.

Things to do on Noirmoutier: a walk on the pier at Bois de la Chaize is a must.

Another places not to be missed: The Passage du Gois to be crossed at low tide to get to the island. Superb bike rides that you can do as a family thanks to the numerous safe cycle paths leading from the campsite into the salt marsh area and to the famous 12th century fortress.

The Gois, a unique tourist attraction

The Passage du Gois, a periodically flooded causeway that’s unique in the world for its length (4.5km), is one of the island’s must-see curiosities. During low tide you can travel the causeway to reach Beauvoir-sur-Mer and fish for clams, oysters and cockles. Its 9 signals provide sanctuary to the more reckless who are taken by surprise as the water rises.

The Gois was listed as a “Monument Historique” on July 11th 1942. Locals and tourists alike see it as a major symbol for the island.

The island’s wealthy inhabitants built the Bois de la Chaise’s tourist area, now all listed buildings. A hundred villas constructed towards the end of the Second Empire reflect the period’s romanticism. The huts on the beaches of Dames, Les Sableaux and L’Anse Rouge marked the beginning of seaside tourism. Ladies changed into their swimming costumes in the huts swimming in the sea became fashionable while modesty was still unchallenged!

A walk along L’Herbaudière fishing port is all it takes to give food lovers an appetite for adventure. The sound of fishermen at work awakens the senses for a gourmet experience. The entire village is built around its fishing port and the restaurants pay tribute to the day’s fish and shellfish catch. On board the Ile de Noirmoutier’s fishing boats you’ll find such noble fish as line-caught sea bass, sole, sea bream and red mullet.

Fish lie alongside shellfish at the fish market: lobster, langoustine, spider crab and crab are all ready to give your delicious dishes a taste of the sea. Other species feature on the colourful stalls depending on the day. Sole and line-caught sea bass are two of the Ile de Noirmoutier’s stars. Sole is loved for its delicate flesh. Line-caught sea bass has its own unique flavour.

Behind this tender and unique melt-in-your-mouth fish is a freshwater fishing technique: line-caught fish are not distressed. A labelling system on board boats has been implemented to inform consumers of this feature.

Fishermen not only keep us topped up with fresh fish, but they also make their Ile de Noirmoutier fish soup. The sheer quantity of fish in the soup is why it’s got such a rich flavour. Top with a bit of crème fraîche or rouille and dive in.

Noirmoutier en l’île Market

Ah, the smell and atmosphere of summer markets. Every Friday morning in Noirmoutier all year long !!!

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