Noirmoutier Island

Located north of the Vendée and less than two hours from Nantes, the island of Noirmoutier remains very popular with many tourists. The surface area of ​​the island of Noirmoutier is 49m². It is accessible by a bridge or by the Passage du Gois, it displays a magnificent decor. You will be impressed by the beauty of its exceptional landscape.

You will enjoy walking to discover its 40 km of beaches. You will also have the opportunity to go sailing and taste the exquisite flavors of the land.

A dream seaside paradise in Vendée

Now pack your bags for this unique island in the town of Noirmoutier. You will enjoy a pleasant microclimate. You won’t be bored for a second. Indeed, the island of Noirmoutier has a rich biodiversity that you can observe during your walks. You will be impressed by its blue salt marshes. You will explore its holm oaks, arbutus and natural pines.

You can also admire the magnificent villas typical of Noirmoutier in the Bois de la Chaise. Still called the island of mimosas, this island impresses with its succession of absolutely fabulous sandy coves. The inhabitants of Noirmoutier, called the Noirmoutrins are very welcoming, warm and available to give you some advice on what to see in Noirmoutier.

Do not leave Noirmoutier 85 island without going to the passage du Gois, near the Noirmoutier Le Caravan’île campsite. This 4 km road is one of the two access points to the town. It remains the longest submersible infrastructure in Europe. It can only be used during low tide. It represents a global attraction. Every year, international athletes meet there to challenge the rising tide.

What to do in Noirmoutier?

If you want to experience a relaxed holiday, choose the island of Noirmoutier. You can enjoy many fun activities: diving, paddleboarding, sand yachting, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, sea kayaking. You will enjoy visiting the port of l’Herbaudière, the marina of l’Epine (the Morin port) or the port of Noirmoutier-en-île. You also have the possibility of taking outings at sea. In addition, go to the “Regattas of the Bois de la Chaise”. The site is home to more than a hundred work and pleasure boats. There is a friendly and joyful atmosphere.

After a pleasant day of walking and exploring, you can taste delicious local recipes such as oysters and shellfish, potatoes, fish and shellfish, etc.